Tri-more community, llc


Our mission is to provide individualized services to people with developmental disabilities that fit both their wants and needs, while providing encouragement for them to grow within their community and individual lives. 




Our Mission

About us


In the world of people with developmental disabilities the past has not always been fair or even kind.  There is a new mission in Ohio to offer people with developmental disabilities a new chance to explore, learn and live the life that they want and not what others choose for them.  A new kind of day program is coming that doesn't congregate everyone that lives within a county to one large building. A building where they will go every day from 9:00 am – 3:00pm for the next 20, 30 or even 40 years.  A place where people with developmental disabilities go every day to put together nuts and bolt for $.03 a piece and call it a job.  


Ohio's mission is let people with developmental disabilities make decisions on what they want out of life and to pursue their right to happiness just like everyone else.  In order to make this dream into a reality the state wants there to be more choices than just the traditional county ran day workshops.  They want new adult day programs available to give people the chance to choose their own programs and to get out in their communities to live, learn and explore.  


Tri-More Community, LLC is being started by individuals that believe that everyone has the right to be a part of their communities and to choose their own path.  The partners of Tri-More Community have decided to form their own day program that will offer people with developmental disabilities the chance to grow, learn and explore.  The three partners have over forty years of combined experience working with people with developmental disabilities.  

They have decided to open their own business so that they can effectively bring to fruition their ideas of a new and different kind of adult day program for people with developmental disabilities. They want everyone to be able to tailor make their day.