Tri-more community, llc


Our mission is to provide individualized services to people with developmental disabilities that fit both their wants and needs, while providing encouragement for them to grow within their community and individual lives. 




Our Mission



    Tri-More Community LLC. will be offering a combo of vocational and habilitation day services and non medical transportation. Non-medical transportation will include but it is not limited to transportation from the individual’s home to and from day services. They are also prepared to offer job coaching and job development. The day services being offered by Tri-More Community will provide its clients with a variety of options on how they would like to structure their day.

    What makes the day services provided by Tri-More Community so unique is that they have not put together a one size fits all program. Each individual will be able to custom make their day to best fit their own wants and needs on a daily basis. When the individual arrives for the day they will choose what their morning and afternoon activity focus will be, their choices will include: volunteering, working in vocational program, learning job skills, exploring their community, getting healthy and fit, and socialization games and skills. Allowing the individual to choose what they are learning and/or participating in that day assures that they make the choice to be involved in something that they will be more engaged in throughout the day. All the options are life enriching, healthy, adaptable, and safe for any individual that Tri-More Community serves.

The Following is a list of each Activity/Learning focus Tri-More Community will include:


Vocational Program

Job Skills 

Community Exploration

Health and Fitness

Socialization Skills

Tailor Make your Day